Dax Norman Interactive animated GIFs. GENUINE SUEDE now available Dither on DIther.Dax Norman is on patreonMouse over images to reveal interactive animation show.original Dax NOrman art for sale on etsyjuxtaposition of images in space and timeDon't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to Dax Norman animations on youtube.This is an art website by Dax Norman.abstract art.Email Dax for art inquiries, and LIVE cartoon performance bookingsWelcome to Dax Norman's Online Museum of Curios.  Be Curios, this website changes.  Come back often to see it write itself.welcome to Dax Norman's Online Museum of CuriosDax Norman's Online Museum of Curioscopyright 2019.  By Dax Normancopyright 2019. dax normanwatch Argyle Kabuki on YoutubeDax Norman's Online Museum of Curios www.daxnorman.comTrying to restore an energetic balance that may finally lead to a sustainable life of art making for myself.  Dear internet, I have not seen anyone else display the skills I have to offer.   Not even close.  Haha.Follow @thepartsunknown on instagram.  Book us for a live show.Cyclops TVGreen Eyes All Time Heart Eyes Web Design by Dax Norman.Spinning around, having fun exploring the universe.Genuine Suede Out Now!dax norman is on patreon.  please help support his art and help pay off student loan debt.Genuine Suede 4 Out Now!  revisions daily.  Psychedelic Interactive Art.  by Dax Norman.Original dax norman art for sale on Etsy.DOn't forget to like and subsribe to Dax Norman on youtube!Dax norman's Genuine Suede is a new comic book series.Happy New Year 2019 from  Dax Norman art.  Heart Eyes Forever Alaina and DaxWelcome to Dax Norman's Online Museum of psychedelic Curios,  
Interactive animaion art.


Chain SMoking Cat