Dax Norman Interactive animated GIFs. GENUINE SUEDE now available Dither on DIther.Dax Norman is on patreonMouse over images to reveal interactive animation show.original Dax NOrman art for sale on etsyjuxtaposition of images in space and timeDon't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to Dax Norman animations on youtube.This is an art website by Dax Norman.abstract art.Email Dax for art inquiries, and LIVE cartoon performance bookingswelcome to Dax Norman's Online Museum of CuriosDax Norman's Online Museum of CuriosWelcome to Dax Norman's Online Museum of psychedelic Curios,  
Interactive animaion art.copyright 2019.  By Dax Normancopyright 2019. dax normanwatch Argyle Kabuki on YoutubeGalveston.  Metamorphosis.  Magazines.theories of an artistic variety.  Expounded upon daily.All art by dax norman.  animation, web design, etc.Carnival Masquerade.THis is a cartoon of a changing car.  by Dax NormanHave a Heart, @daxnorman_artOh, monaone mona oan on loan. dax norman is an artist  who creates animation, video games, music, paintings, 3D printing, and much more.GENUINE SUEDE comic book issues available onlinedon't forget to like and subsribe on youtubeoriginal dax norman art available on Etsydax norman is on patreongenuine suede is a monthly comic book by dax norman and friends for youoriginal art available on EtsyDAX NORMAN's Online Museum of CuriosHand Clock Machineparamecium pataphysicsWelcome to Dax Norman's Online Museum of Curios.here was a time that the internet could have been cool.  I recently remembered this and decided to make it so again.dax norman is on patreon, HMU there for original content and unique, original art giveawaysDax Norman psychedelic, trippy, surreal animation modern art cartoons.gebuine suede now availableGraffitti on the Garage WallOptimized and articulated for digital changes. subscribe to dax norman on youtube for wild style cartoonsGoing Forward Backwardscartoon remixknowledge, kicking knowledgeFrom a Dax Norman stop motion Still Life.  March 2019.